Frequently Asked Questions

What is EduMate NYC?

EduMate NYC is a tutor matching service connecting K-12 NYC public school students with college students for free, virtual tutoring. Our purpose is to help students from low-income households, homeless students, undocumented students, English language learners, students with special educational needs or disabilities, and others who face disproportionate barriers to accessing education during this pandemic.

How much does EduMate NYC cost?

Nothing! All of our services are completely free.

What students can sign up for tutoring?

We accept all students enrolled in NYC public and charter schools. In terms of our matching process timeline, we will prioritize students who qualify for free or reduced price meals, and/or reside in temporary housing.

Can my child receive tutoring if they do not speak English?

Yes! We have tutors who speak Arabic, Bengali, Bosnian, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), French, German, Gujarati, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Punjabi, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Ukranian, Urdu, and Yoruba. Please mark in your sign up form if you would like a multilingual tutor.

Can my child receive tutoring if they require special needs?

Yes! We have tutors with special needs experience and resources.

What subjects are offered?

We are currently offering tutoring in Art, English, French, History, Math, Music, Science, Spanish, Theatre, SAT/ACT, SHSAT, and College Application Support (essay reading, etc). Please contact us if you need assistance in a subject not listed, and we can most likely find an appropriate tutor to make it work!

How are tutoring sessions conducted?

Tutoring sessions are conducted on the platform and schedule that works best for each individual match. Examples are Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts, though sessions can also be conducted over the phone.

What if I do not have access to WiFi?

Spectrum is providing free Wi-Fi services for students during the school shutdown. Their number is 1-844-488-8398. Please visit our resources page for more information about accessibility tools for remote learning.

How many students can I sign up?

You can sign up as many students as need services from one family, just be sure to fill out the form separately for each student.

Who is eligible to be a tutor?

Any degree-seeking student with a college email is eligible to tutor with us. All tutors must complete our Tutor Contract and attend an onboarding/training session with two of our core coordinators. We also can connect any tutor who wants additional help with a Resource Advisor, a professional with previous teaching or tutoring experience.

Who is eligible to be a Resource Advisor?

Anyone who is not eligible to be a tutor but believes they can support our work should join our Resource Advisors team. Please email us to sign up.

When will I hear back after registering?

Students are matched within one week of filling out the form. We aim to match tutors within two weeks of filling out the form, depending on their subject availability. If you have not been matched within two weeks or if you have been matched but have not heard from your match, please contact us.

What is the time commitment for tutors?

We ask tutors to commit at least one hour a week for tutoring sessions through the student’s school year, which ends on June 26th. Feel free to maximize sessions as the tutor and families see fit. We are also looking for tutors to join our service over the summer.

How does EduMate NYC prioritize student safety?

Student safety is very important to us. All tutors have signed a contract committing to not meet in person with students at any point, record any meetings with their students without the express and written permission of those students and their legal guardians, or share inappropriate content with students.

If at any point, we determine that a tutor has violated our policies, the tutor will be removed from our program and their student will be promptly rematched. We take steps to protect the information provided to us by students. You can read our legal and privacy policies here.

How is EduMate NYC prioritizing students from low-income backgrounds?

EduMate NYC is actively outreaching and collaborating with organizations across the city that work with students from low-income backgrounds and/or experiencing housing insecurity. Our matching algorithm prioritizes students who indicate on the sign-up form that they qualify for free or reduced-price meal plans, and/or who live in temporary housing.

Who do I contact with questions?

Please email with any questions, partnership ideas, or comments, and we will do our best to answer you within 24 hours.